1994 San Sebastian | Punk rock

Lord Not a Spanish musical group born in the premises of Buenavista, focus punk-rock scene of San Sebastian (Basque Country), in the spring of 1993, after the dissolution of the emblematic group La Perrera, where they had fought Xabi ( guitar and vocals) and Mikel (bass). For the new project fichan drummer Andoni earlier in Dead Movies and Imanol (guitar), with no previous experience. The influences of the band are very varied. The most important may come from stronger rock of the ’70s (Stooges, MC5, Motorhead …) and ’77 punk (Damned, Dead Boys, Ramones, The Saints …)

In 1994 he recorded a demo with five songs, which draw attention Seal No Tomorrow, and was planned to become a 7 “. Finally, this model, along with new songs recorded in September of that same year, becomes Lord debut LP No and “large” second reference NT. the album appears at the end of the year and receives criticism ranging from enthusiastic, even the indifferent.

Since the release of the LP, the pace of work of the Lord No intensifies, playing more frequently and recording two new works on a 7  ” Mira Mi dedod” and almost two years after the first recording sessions , their second album “no World”). This is the LP that Mr. no was inside, and not matched to take on their first try, especially as far as production is concerned. the issues are of short duration (24 min . for 11 songs). A few months after its appearance, some media [what?] and greeted him as one of the year’s work, as did his debut LP. since then Lord does not appear in many collections national and international. [which?]

Throughout the 98 are published July 2 “, with new songs and versions. This continuous activity makes the group does not stop giving concerts throughout the state. In February 1999, he released” No me hables “, third full-length .. Since then the road show until the end of ’99, develops throughout the peninsula during 2000 following the concerts and more news appear; recopilatorios versions, tributes and shared singles.

In 2001 Lord does not change from record company signed for Loli Jackson Dover seal within EMI. His fourth and final L.P. “Siempre te diré que no” is finished recording in 2002 with the production of Carlos Goñi (Revolver) in their studies Mojave Valencia. The crisis within EMI in 2002 caused the sudden disappearance of Loli Jackson and alternatives to other companies, the group chooses autoeditar under the GP LP Records label, which sees the light in early 2003.

Coinciding with the publication of the disc, Imanol longer part of the band. He has been replaced for a few months Gorka (Etnies) until the final incorporation of Mikel Yarza (ex Teen Dogs / Safety Pins) on guitar. This training is published in 2004 in GP records “The Inner Path” double shared with Swedish Sewergrooves single. In the same year, recording an acoustic live at the Bukowski that will be released in the guipuzcoano seal Gaztelupeko Hotsak in September 2005. Months before Mikel (bass) and later Andoni (drums) leave the group, replacing them with low a regular contributor in the band, Unai (Astrozombies); and drums, Guanche (ex Teen Dogs / Vincent Von Reberb / Safety Pins), also playing with Wolf Electric.

Currently the incombustible Xabi continues to lead the group, accompanied by great musicians like Fumai (exAstrozombies, and in the group for many years), FOSY (The Snobs, The Ragman Banda Trapera del Rio, Gatekeepers, …) and Jorge Colldan (Holy Sheep, Kurt Baker Combo, and a thousand more). Under this training just edit a single called “Sometimes” which goes on sale in late August 2015.

In December 2015 they released their new album “No Cambies Siempre” Hand Records Folc and also embark on a 10-day tour throughout Spain Band of grandisimo CHEETAH CHROME, thanks to the Beasto Recordings.

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